Inversion Of Control In Action : North Dallas .NET Users Group - NDDNUG

Inversion Of Control In Action

Session Summary

Matt Hinze talked about inversion of control, object-oriented principles, software architecture and how to develop quality software very quickly. In this intermediate to advanced level talk, Matt presented the basics of IOC in C# and dove deep into interesting usage patterns...

Speaker Bio

Matt Hinze is a Principal Consultant at Headspring, an Austin, Texas based agile software consultancy. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Matt has been successfully delivering technical courses to software developers since 2005. Meanwhile he is a full time developer working in the trenches on major software projects. Passionate about software and programming, Matt is active in the developer community and presents technical talks to community groups and at conferences. Matt is also a Microsoft Certified Application Developer, ASPInsider and Microsoft MVP for C#.